About Us

Pac Man by Fuzed Pixel Zone

Fuzed Pixel Zone is the official distributor of Artkal beads in Canada.

Fuzed Pixel Zone was started in July 2016 by Chris Herbachuk. I have always loved video games, with old retro 80s and 90s games being my favourite and I always keep going back to classics.

Over the beginning of 2016 I got into the hobby of spritebead art with my kids. I enjoyed bringing my favourite characters of video games past to life through fusible beads of different types and brands. Being in retail and customer service for over a decade I wanted to try something new. Enjoying the hobby and community around beadsprites I wanted to help make the hobby of fusible bead art a easier en-devour for the Canadian market. With the wide range of sizes and colours Artkal it was a quick choice on supplier.

Now I have stepped in to The Fuzed Pixel Zone.

Place, Fuze, Enjoy!