Starting Out:

  •  Place beads in desired pattern on pegboard either by imagination or by following a pattern or shaped pegboard.

TIP: Try a website like HikingDave or an app like Bead Studio to convert a picture into a pattern or create your own!




  • Place ironing paper over completed design while on pegboard. Be careful not to knock your design
  • Iron settings vary from iron to iron but generally the "wool" setting is used for 5mm (midi) beads. "Cotton" setting is used for 10mm (maxi) beads & "Linen" or "Blend" setting is used for 2.6mm (mini) beads. Experiment with your iron if you don't feel comfortable.
  • Never leave iron directly on design
  • Gently iron design in smooth, circular motion. You will begin to notice the colours becoming visible through the paper. This means it's fusing; continue until whole design becomes visible like this. (Make sure to pay extra attention to the outer beads and any thin parts as these pieces are easily broken off if too weak) 
  • Leave design on pegboard with the ironing paper to cool. Leave for about 1 min or until cool enough to handle.

TIP: Lay a heavy book on design while cooling to help project remain flat.

  • Carefully remove ironing paper and check design. If fused together properly; carefully remove design from pegboard
  • Repeat if necessary (without pegboard if all beads are fused together)

TIP: Some people like to iron both sides of design as this increases the strength of finished product; After ironing the first side and letting it cool, take design off pegboard and lightly iron other side of design

And ta-dah you're done! :D

Note: Ironing must be done by an adult or a supervised child. Artkal pegboards will not warp if the above instructions are followed.